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The Corinth column was thickened with chrome,Fully sealed cavity lubrication,Oil does not leak,No clean,The working environment on site is cleaner and easier to maintain,Save Corinth oil,Se...

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The Corinth column was thickened with chrome,Fully sealed cavity lubrication,

Oil does not leak,No clean,The working environment on site is cleaner and easier to maintain,Save Corinth oil,Self-lubricating bearing lining,Immersed in the oil,

Improve green column KPI.


ompared with the machine hinge clamping device, the use of direct cylinder clamping device can make the machine plate more balanced, will not make the mold bending and deformation, to ensure the high parallelism of the template, the accuracy of the long run, and the structure is relatively simple, the overall rigidity is good, the failure rate is lower, without external lubricating oil, the product yield is high.


With gear mold adjustment structure, so that the thickness of the volume mold can be adjustable, this is suitable for a variety of thickness of the mold, with direct pressure type locking mechanism can be adjustable to the appropriate location of the clamping point, reduce the working stroke of the moving mold, greatly improve the product production efficiency, and to achieve the effect of energy saving.


he shot-shifting base adopts the traditional Chinese arch bridge design, which is more in line with the mechanical principle and more beautiful and high-end. In addition to the use of black ceramic guide rod for aesthetics, more important is not deformation, easy to clean, high mechanical strength, good thermal stability and more wear and corrosion resistance.


Using double alloy barrel screw, the whole and through a series of quenching treatment, to solve the problem of chromium plating screw often fall off the chromium plating layer, more corrosion resistance, wear resistance, in the same working condition, than the general barrel screw life longer. Double oil cylinder, large torque melt adhesive motor design, so that the injection of more stable power, melt adhesive more easily.

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  • 1.Do You Have A Certification?
    Yes,We Have ISO9001,CE And SGS Certification.

    2.What’S The Delivery Date?
    After Receiving The Deposit, We Will Arrange Production And Deliver The Goods within 30 to 60 days.

    3.Is There Any After-Sale Guarantee?
    Yes,We Will Arrange Engineers To Repair It In Your Company,And When You Purchase Our Equipment We Will Give You A Series Of Simple Maintenance Tutorial Materials.

    4.Do You Have A Design Team?
    Yes,We Have Many Technical Engineers With Over 10 Years Of Design Experience.

    5.Can You Accept Oem/Odm?

    1.Do you have a certification?
    yes,we have ISO9001,CE and SGS certification.
    2.What’s the delivery date?
    After receiving the deposit, we will arrange production and deliver the goods within 30 to 60 days.
    3.Is there any after-sale guarantee?
    Yes,We will arrange engineers to repair it in your company,and When you purchase our equipment we will give you a series of simple maintenance tutorial materials.
    4.Do you have a design team?
    Yes,We have many technical engineers with over 10 years of design experience.
    5.Are you a trading company or manufacturer?
    We are manufacturer.we have strong manufactur team and good quality machine
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