Wedding Party

August 28th was a great day. Our colleague Liang got married after six years in love. The seeds of love sown in youth were finally blooming that day. The bridegroom came to the bride’s house in the wedding car, with a bunch of flowers, which was prepared for his lovely girl. After passing a series tests of bridesmaids, eventuallyhe stood in front of the girl,who is to become his wife.

Nervous as a kid about to get candy, he said the confession he had practiced hundreds of times.To his surprise, the bride did not speak, just with a sweet smile, came forward and hugged Liang, the man who worried her and made her missed.The wedding car led the band to the wedding site, accompanied by warm music, seemed to tell the world that they were going to get married. As they came to the wedding ceremony hand in hand, and we applauded and cheered the couple. In the embrace of fireworks and ribbons, they stepped onto the platform.Wearing the wedding rings they wear for each other, with their parents’ blessing, they hugged and kissed each other. From the moment they kiss and promise, there has appeared two more stars in the worldwaiting upon each other.

After the ceremony, everyone took their seats. The food at a wedding dinner is always amazing. The dish setting style of the front dish was very distinctivewhich showed us the elegant taste of the chef.The selection of the main course was the classic collocation of Chinese wedding banquetwhich made us full of praise for it’s taste. Desserts were cakes made by the famous desserts in the town. There were many juicy and delicious seasonal fruits in it. After dinner, another important part started, which meant the couple was about to come and toast. From elders to best man, bridesmaid to family and friends, they finally came to our table. Always enthusiasm people like us will not let the bridegroom go easily. After the bride poured the wine for everyone, we strongly asked the groom to toast one by one and drink one by one.Under the well intentionally provocation, the bridegroom drank a lot of wine and was about to get drunk.But when he saw the bride beside him who looked at him with care, his drunkenness was largely eliminated. He successfully completed the rest of the activities and sent off the guests.

The night was quiet, only two people were singing their songs:

If you were a teardrop;

In my eye,

For fear of losing you,

I would never cry

And if the golden sun,

Should cease to shine its light,

Just one smile from you

Would make my whole world bright…

It’s always said that marriage is a tomb, but it’s also believed that it is better to be buried in peace than in the streets of murderers.

Post time: Sep-10-2020