Characteristics, correct use and maintenance of horizontal injection molding machine

Features of horizontal injection molding machine:
1. That is, due to the low fuselage of the mainframe, there is no height limit for the installed plant.
2. Where the product can fall automatically, automatic forming can be realized without using a manipulator.
3. Due to the low fuselage, convenient material supply and easy maintenance.
4. The mold shall be installed by crane.
5. When multiple sets are arranged in parallel, the formed products are easy to be collected and packaged by the conveyor belt
The following points should be done before starting the horizontal injection molding machine:
(1) Check whether there is lubricating oil (grease) at all moving parts and add enough lubricating oil.
(2) Turn on the electric heating and heat each section of the barrel. When the temperature of each section meets the requirements, it shall be kept warm for a period of time to stabilize the temperature of the machine. The holding time varies according to the requirements of different equipment and plastic raw materials.
(3) Add enough plastic into the hopper. According to the requirements of different plastics for injection molding, some raw materials should be dried first.
(4) Cover the heat shield on the cylinder, which can save electric energy and prolong the service life of electric heating ring and current contactor.
(5) Check whether there is water and oil in the electrical control box. Do not start the electrical appliance if it is damp. The maintenance personnel shall blow dry the electrical parts before starting the machine.
(6) Check whether the power supply voltage meets the requirements, which generally shall not exceed ± 15%.
(7) Check whether the emergency stop switch and front and rear safety door switches are normal. Verify whether the rotation direction of motor and oil pump is consistent.
(8) Check whether all cooling pipes are unblocked, and feed cooling water into the oil cooler and the cooling water jacket at the end of the barrel
Horizontal injection molding machine maintenance: the injection screw, check ring and barrel form the heart of the injection molding machine, which determines the processing quality and efficiency, and they must be kept in good working condition. Firstly, the imported horizontal injection molding machine shall take necessary measures to prevent non-plastic debris from mixing into the plastic material flow. In addition, attention shall be paid to checking the correct gap between the screw and the barrel, and between the check ring and the barrel. The normal gap shall be able to seal the plastic reflux and produce the shear effect required for plasticization. When it is found that the melt action is slow and the melt has spots and black spots, Or when the product forming is unstable, check the wear of screw, check ring and barrel.
Causes and solutions of some common faults of imported second-hand injection molding machines: the production of imported second-hand injection molding machines is unstable or unqualified. In a stable production cycle, the quality of finished products is unstable, which may be caused by wear of mechanical parts or improper adjustment.
1. Wear of screw, check ring and barrel.
2. The seal ring in the injection cylinder is damaged, resulting in internal leakage.
3. The temperature control of the heating cylinder is unstable.
4. The pressure and speed control parts are abnormal.
Noise generation of imported horizontal injection molding machine
Abnormal noise indicates that parts are damaged or improperly adjusted. Find out the cause according to the location of the noise and repair it immediately.
1. If the hydraulic oil in the oil tank is insufficient, the air sucked by the oil pump or the dirt of the oil filter is blocked, the oil pump will be short of oil, resulting in the discharge of bubbles in the oil and the impact on the blades, resulting in noise. The solution is to check the oil volume to prevent air suction and clean the oil filter.
2. The hydraulic oil has high viscosity and increases flow resistance. It is necessary to replace the appropriate hydraulic oil.
3. As the bearing or blade of the oil pump or motor is damaged and the concentricity deviation of the coupling causes noise, the concentricity must be adjusted or the parts must be replaced.
4. The response of the directional valve fails, but the function is still there. For example, the valve core is worn, internal leakage, burr blockage and inflexible movement. The failure of the solenoid valve due to insufficient current will also produce noise. The solution is to clean the valve core. If the valve core is worn, it must be replaced with new parts, and the current must be stable and sufficient.
5. The hydraulic components are damaged or the oil pipeline is blocked, resulting in noise when the hydraulic oil flows at a high speed.
6. In case of mechanical failure, bearing wear, lack of lubricating oil or loose parts, find out the reasons and fasten or replace the parts,
The horizontal injection molding machine shall ensure sufficient lubricating oil:
The abnormal rise of oil temperature caused by excessive oil temperature may be caused by abnormal cooling system or high heat generated by oil pressure components during operation.
1. Abnormal cooling system
1. The supply of cooling system is insufficient, such as the water switch is not fully opened, the water pressure is insufficient or the flow of water pump does not meet the needs, etc.
2. Pipe blockage, such as filter screen, cooling tower or water pipe blockage.
3. The cooling water temperature is too high. For example, the cooling tower has insufficient heat dissipation capacity, or is damaged or the temperature is too high.
2. The hydraulic system generates high heat
1. The oil pump is damaged, and the internal parts are worn during high-speed rotation, resulting in high heat.
2. The pressure is not adjusted properly, and the hydraulic system is overheated due to high pressure for a long time.
3. Internal leakage of oil pressure element, such as damage of directional valve or seal ring, causes heat when high-pressure oil flows through small space.

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