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The hard, smooth surface of the MDF cake board is great for veneering and covering with aluminum foil. During production, we are used to packaging the MDF with aluminum foil on one side, and white paper on the other side as the back. On the other hand, we cover the undecorated substrate with grease and moisture-proof paper. MDF cake boards are coated with finely patterned aluminum foil, and custom printed patterns on the cardboard make your cakes more refined and beautiful.
Using the exquisite cake board made in China will make your cake more delicate and beautiful, you can observe that every detail of our cake board is handled perfectly, ensuring the high quality of the cake board.

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The surface of the coated cake board is wrapped with beautifully patterned aluminum foil, and the custom printed pattern makes your cake more delicate and beautiful. Grease-resistant, smooth surface, prevent staining by cream, cooked cream, whipped cream, etc. The MDF cake board provides a great platform for any heavy or multi-layered cake.As a baking packaging suppliers Our factory production team is dedicated to creating premium cake boards that raise the bar of appearance and enhance the final presentation of all beautiful cakes. Not only beautiful, we supply the highest quality cake boards and the highest quality grey board raw materials. So, our boards are very strong and not fragile at all. Best of all, they all come with grease-proof and food-grade materials. Make sure your cake is safe.

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