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Masonite cake boards used to be just plain gold or silver, but you can now also buy patterned cake boards in different colors. For example some have unique patterns or designs that give your cake a unique edge when presenting your display. Some popular designs include marble patterns, wood grain patterns, water ripple patterns, and even green grass patterns, to name a few. The decorated cake board on which the cake sits, should be attractive, so the choice of custom Masonite plates to present your cake perfectly, your decorated cake board should be similar in color to your cake, or at least the same color as yours if it's a different color The cake style is the same, which will make your baking artwork look perfect. Get bulk products from reliable China's wholesale manufacturers and suppliers Write your message here and send it to us


Covering a Masonite cake board with custom cake foil or PET wrapper can add a little color and finish your cake nicely. The wrappers for custom cake boards come in different colors and patterns, so there's always one that's right for every cake. You can also store your finished cake for shipping in one of our cake boxes, which are not only designed to fit snugly on MDF cake boards, but also fit taller and heavier cakes. For more shapes, sizes and colors, browse our catalog of a full range of bakery packaging products for any occasion and design.

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Our produce of disposable bakery supplies includes a wide variety of products, available in many different sizes,colors,and styles.From cake boards to bakery boxs,you can find everything you need to prepare,store,merchandise,and transport your baked goods.Best of all,many of these items are sold in bulk,making it easy to stock up and save money.

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