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MDF cake drums are the strongest and most popular of the disposable cake boards. It has a bonded fiberboard interior wrapped in silver foil on the exterior, which is water and oil resistant. Finished cake boards are generally between 2mm and 6mm thick, and we offer them in single boards or in packs of 5 to help you save money. 8", 10" and 12" MDF cake boards are one of the most popular sizes and are perfect for a variety of individual or layered cake designs. They are easily covered with fondant and ribbon if desired.

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Thick foil cake drums are the most popular type of cake board on the market. They are versatile and very sturdy, which makes them perfect for single or multi-layer cakes. Cake drums are perfect for all types of cakes and they are easy to cover using fondant frosting and ribbons if desired.
This way you get a one-of-a-kind personalized cake board that's also a great DIY to make. It is also a very thoughtful and special gift for a friend. Sunshine Cake Board hopes to bring you more creative inspiration.

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Our produce of disposable bakery supplies includes a wide variety of products, available in many different sizes,colors,and styles.From cake boards to bakery boxs,you can find everything you need to prepare,store,merchandise,and transport your baked goods.Best of all,many of these items are sold in bulk,making it easy to stock up and save money.

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